About Us

Mission Statement

Invitation Hill Adventist School is a place where parents, teachers, church, and community unite to bring children closer to God.  Striving toward excellence, this diverse family of learners works with heads, hearts, and hands to nurture Christ-like character.  In preparation for heaven, we endeavor to show Christ’s love through service.

Our Philosophy

“Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for His children.  Godliness—Godlikeness is the goal to be reached.  Before the student there is opened a path of continual progress.  He has an objective to achieve, a standard to attain, that includes everything good and pure and noble.” Education, p. 18

The philosophy of the Invitation Hill Adventist School is to assist students in gaining a growing knowledge of God and to help them understand and develop a character patterned after that of their Creator.  The students are encouraged to develop an understanding of and appreciation for the worth of all people.

The school operates on the premise that here the students may have the opportunity to receive an education that is balanced in the physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and social areas within a framework of Biblical principles and ideals. 


Safe and Sound Video Presentation
Few decisions are as important—and potentially life-changing—as choosing a school for your children. In this video you will learn some of the history of Adventist Christian education. Hear from some of our committed Christian teachers and see how Adventist Christian education provides a quality academic experience in a caring Christian environment.

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Journey to Excellence Video Presentation
Hear from administrators, teachers, parents, and students about the quality academics, strong curriculum, and integrated spiritual and moral content of our school.

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